We sing when speaking just isn't enough to express how we feel.
finch stage school

Within our classes we try and mix an exciting and relevant mix of songs, with a strong grounding in the techniques to develop our students to have a sustainable, flexible and reliable instrument for life. We pride ourselves on a very strong grasp of harmony singing, with our seniors especially being extremely advanced in this. We also regularly run 'solo projects' and audition workshops during the term to help build up confidence towards both show auditions, and real world auditions. From an early age, we try and instil the essential elements of this craft, so that as students progress through the school, they learn with good habits and skills.Of course, beyond just making a nice, and technically secure sound, making a song come to life is an essential skill, and so we work very hard at 'acting through song', and helping students understand a lyric to turn their beautiful sound into engaging and magical performances.

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