Finch Faculty
Sian Adams
Ballet, Tap, Modern
finch stage school

It all started after being taken by her Mum to watch the annual Finch Stage School show at the Ilford Town Hall in 1974. After watching the performance her mum asked her if she would like to go dancing; so at 4 years old Sian started her first ballet class. So much was her love for dancing she attended lessons throughout school, then college and even continued when she started work.

Whilst training at the dancing school Sian would come and mark in front of the younger pupils before becoming a student teacher. Sian took her teaching exams with the BATD to membership level in both ballet and stage. On her return to the school some years later she was to asked to assist Betty with her infant ballet. Sian feels fortunate to have been taught by both Betty and Linda and felt it a huge honour and great responsibility when she was asked to take over the choreography of the Wednesday Infant Ballet for theannual show, ever to be known as Betty's Ballet.

Sian will be forever grateful to her parents for taking her to that first ballet lesson and supporting her through- out all her years of dancing. Sian is proud to still be part of the school and to help train the next.

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